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What's happening?

Every week I will dedicate a post that briefly exposes queer issues around Canada and the world - the "What's happening?" section!

A man who helped beat a gay man to death in Vancouver's Stanley Park was sentenced to six years in prison on Tuesday.

Ryan Cran was convicted of manslaughter in December for killing Aaron Webster in November 2001. Two juveniles were also convicted. Another man named Danny Rao was acquitted.

Webster, 41, was killed in November 2001, in an area of Stanley Park frequented by gay men. He was naked when a gang of youths armed with baseball bats and a pool cue chased him, beat him and left him to die from a torn artery in his neck.


- Powerful U.S. religious groups are sending money and support to allies in Canada to fight same-sex marriage.

Patrick Korten, vice-president of communications for the Knights of Columbus head office in New Haven, Conn., said no limit has been set on the help his organization is prepared to offer.

"Whatever it takes," he said. "The family is too important."

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