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She made my night!

So I don't mean to brag with this story, but I just think it belongs in this compilation of my memoirs otherwise known as my blog. Saturday night I was having a drink at a bar here in Vancouver, of course this is a gay bar, I was with my friend Roger when suddenly this pretty girl in her late 20s comes up to me and asks me for my name, she then proceeds to ask me whether I am gay, to which I nod and reply "yes." She then replies, "well, I just wanted to say that it is a huge rip off for every girl that you are gay, because you are a truly beautiful man... Really!" she then kisses me on the cheek and I graciously reply with a thank you. I then bump into her at a club just across from where we were, and she comes up to me again and hugs me.

So what I concluded from this episode was that either this girl has some gigantic attraction to me, or she's just looking for a guy to take her in as his fag-hag, or she was way too wasted... I don't know, all I know is that this girl made my night. How could I not have had a huge ego boost after a random yet obviously sincere and innocent (seeing as I'm gay) comment like that?!


At 5:10 a.m., Blogger Matthew said...

My friend Neil and I both agree that beauty should be acknowledged (of course not just physical beauty, but that's usually what you first notice). So we'll both go up to random beautiful people (usually girls) and just let them know, "I think you're really beautiful." Of course saying this to boys usually implies something else, and is typically preceded by multiple cocktails, and followed by stern rejection...but yes, beauty should be acknowledged. Glad this girl gets it :)


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