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The Contrasts in Beauty

"Mar Adentro" (The Sea Inside), recently nominated for the Academy Awards is evidence of the brilliance of Spanish film. A country that has already blessed us with the mastery of Pedro Almodovar, will now be represented at the Academy Awards by this brilliant film. The acting is exceptional (Bardem in particular), as are the beautiful photography and soundtrack; without a doubt, the three most striking elements of this film. The film takes us through a brilliant journey where life and death seem to be intertwined in a cycle of elation; an ambiguous celebration of both life and death - the contrasts in beauty.

The film is set in Galicia, a Spanish region where the sea has been the source of life for centuries, yet it has also been the source of much death. The sea is also celebrated in the glorious contrast it represents.

Few movies manage to portray debates such as the one over euthanasia in an unbiased way. Often-time the viewer is swayed into sympathising with the protagonist's plea for death, or inversely, deploring the apparent "immorality" of euthanasia. This movie, however, presents us with elements that make us celebrate both life, as well as death..

Beautiful film! Muy recomendado!

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